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Gastvortrag von Prof. Dr. Tulasi Srinivas

Am Dienstag, dem 23. Juli 2013 hielt Prof. Dr. Tulasi Srinivas um 14:15 Uhr einen Vortrag mit dem Titel:

Emotion, Futurity and Ritual in Hindu Temple Publics of Bangalore

Ab 17:15 Uhr fand ein Workshop mit Professor Srinivas zum gleichen Thema statt.


Charting the micropolitics of change in Hindu everyday rituals in temple publics in Bangalore city, Tulasi Srinivas aims to unpack newness and its complex relationship to Hindu 'traditions' and to conception of futurity. According to religious studies theorists, rituals point to a condition of subjunctivity, a place of futurity. So through exploring one particular set of rituals, set against the economic changes in India, Srinivas examines the local moral ecologies through aesthetics and affect, that, she argues, enables a newness in ambivalent and unusual ways. Using rich ethnographic data Srinivas orients the discussion towards an unpacking of futurity, and its immediacy in understanding our contemporary social world.

Vortrag: 14:15 Uhr Institut für Sinologie, Raum 201
Workshop: 17:15 Uhr Institut für Sinologie, Raum 201

Poster zum Vortrag
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